City Hoop (New York, NY)

the backside of wooden frame and screen backboard with skyline in background

Basketball hoop. Queens, New York, New York.

For a wider view of Rainey Court, click here.


Below Legs (New York, NY)

small fluffy dog sitting amidst legs of standing people and one roller blader kneeling

A dog sits patiently in Central Park. New York, New York.

It’s a big world for a small dog. This one didn’t seem to mind too much to have to wait while its people watched a street performance.

Stay Ollie (New York, NY)

rusted beams exposed with "STAY" and arrows spray painted abutting building with vertical OLLIE sign

A city view partially under (de)construction. New York, New York.

Light reflected off a wall or hidden messages or fleeting fictions. It’s all above us and nothing at all; we’re all just dissipating into the ether, unrelated, coming together, imagining ourselves in stories never, and always, told.