Up the River (North Adams, MA)

factory buildings near mostly uncovered cement with small stream at one side

Flood chute containing the Hoosic River with the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art looming on the left. North Adams, Massachusetts.

As such it is.


We Could Go On Forever (Eastham, MA)

dispersed clouds over stony and sandy beach with reflective calm water

A couple on the beach at low tide at sunset. Sunken Meadow Beach, Eastham, Massachusetts. (Black and white version)

It’s kind of hard to see in the expanse, but there’s a couple out there, staring out at the sea. (Definitely recommended to click on for a larger view of the image. Stitched panoramic photo, using the Hugin application for macOS. Color version below.)

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Slightly Crooked (Northampton, MA)

grey garage with two white bay doors in snow covered residential area

From the street, a garage with slightly slanted door frames. Northampton, Massachusetts.

Some things are straight, some things are crooked; some things are muddied, some things are clear. A new year dawns with old doors and some will open, some will remain closed. I’m looking forward, but it is winter, a time when bitter winds prevail. Still, on it goes; let’s see what happens.

Daylight Beyond the Door (North Adams, MA)

cement floor before white garage door surrounded by brightly illuminated windows

A bay door in Building 5 at MASS MoCA. North Adams, Massachusetts.

The door was not part of the mill building’s original design; I believe this is the one they put in for Büchel’s failed exhibit. Less light coming in there, but the entrance way provides a wider ingress available for the often large objects displayed in this football field sized art gallery at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.

Mt. Greylock Over Yonder (Clarksburg, MA)

bale wagon in an open field before the changing foliage and mountains

A bale wagon idles in a field in the rolling hills surrounding Mount Greylock. Clarksburg, Massachusetts.

If you look really hard, you can see a little nub of noise that is the memorial tower on Mt. Greylock, Massachusett’s highest peak. (The one closest to the center. It’s really small actually, don’t hurt your eyes. Black and white version after the break.)

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