City Hoop (New York, NY)

the backside of wooden frame and screen backboard with skyline in background

Basketball hoop. Queens, New York, New York.

For a wider view of Rainey Court, click here.


Queens Court (New York, NY)

run down court with park and smokestacks in the distance

A basketball court in Queens. New York, New York.

This image is a photo stitch — another one yes; I semi-recently found a working version of Hugin, a great open source panorama/photo stitching app (after a long frustrating while of not finding one), and I was digging through old unrealized stitch series like these to maybe see what I could make of them. It’s hard to believe but I took these shots almost eight years ago. I was just getting excited about photography but was a lot less aware of many things such as the intricacies of perspectives and shooting position, and maybe using a tripod if I want to actually shoot panoramas. (Still haven’t gotten that last one.) Hugin did a pretty good job as usual, but there’s something weird about the way the baskets are positioned. Oddities and flaws withstanding, I’m still quite fond of this image. It reminds me of walking on the streets of NYC, wide and far, seeing new and interesting things, and shooting away.