In the River (New York, NY)

half-submerged metal-cage shopping cart amidst dark boulders near cement wall

Shopping cart in the East River. New York, New York.

Lost and seen, but not found.


In the Street Photography (New York, NY)

cars at stoplight with tall buildings in background and asphalt in foreground

Facing into a city street at an intersection; the Empire State Building looms in the background. New York, New York.

Ready to go. (You can’t tell in the monochrome, but that’s a green light.)

Stay Ollie (New York, NY)

rusted beams exposed with "STAY" and arrows spray painted abutting building with vertical OLLIE sign

A city view partially under (de)construction. New York, New York.

Light reflected off a wall or hidden messages or fleeting fictions. It’s all above us and nothing at all; we’re all just dissipating into the ether, unrelated, coming together, imagining ourselves in stories never, and always, told.

Across the River (New York, NY)

skyscrapers with lit up windows and american flag on top of brooklyn bridge in front

The Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline as seen from Brooklyn Bridge Park. (Black and white version.)

This photo is an old one that I redid in B&W for the first time. I think I’m still partial to the color (see below), but either one makes me want to go back and shoot some more.

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