Song Love

It’s like that song that says
It all: the moment is deep
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In their neck of the woods, the tigers fly
To the beach of a puddle to feed on the remains
Of the day, while the king reigns for one
Moment over thousands and thousands of miles.
They run up trees when the sun runs down,
And the green recedes as the moon opens
Its eyes, so the stalkers may see scales and wings.
Long legs, fuzzy eyes and coiled mouths
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The North Pole Is Just a Place

While the South Pole lies on a continental land mass, the North Pole is located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean amidst waters that are almost permanently covered with constantly shifting sea ice. This makes it impractical to construct a permanent station at the North Pole (unlike the South Pole). However, the Soviet Union, and later Russia, have constructed a number of manned drifting stations, some of which have passed over or very close to the Pole. — from the “North Pole” entry on

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