Queens Court (New York, NY)

run down court with park and smokestacks in the distance

A basketball court in Queens. New York, New York.

This image is a photo stitch — another one yes; I semi-recently found a working version of Hugin, a great open source panorama/photo stitching app (after a long frustrating while of not finding one), and I was digging through old unrealized stitch series like these to maybe see what I could make of them. It’s hard to believe but I took these shots almost eight years ago. I was just getting excited about photography but was a lot less aware of many things such as the intricacies of perspectives and shooting position, and maybe using a tripod if I want to actually shoot panoramas. (Still haven’t gotten that last one.) Hugin did a pretty good job as usual, but there’s something weird about the way the baskets are positioned. Oddities and flaws withstanding, I’m still quite fond of this image. It reminds me of walking on the streets of NYC, wide and far, seeing new and interesting things, and shooting away.


6 thoughts on “Queens Court (New York, NY)

  1. It’s a nice shot, or should I say shots. Looking at the baskets and the court it appears there’s some barrel distortion; the opposite of fisheye. This is correctable to some degree in various editing programs.

    • Hugin actually has barrel distortion correction capabilities but I probably didn’t use it to full effect. I really like the program but it takes some learning to use the advanced features.

  2. I haven’t done a pano in years. This post prompted me to downloaded Hugin and give it a try when I find the right subject. Any quirks about the software I should know?

    • Well, it’s gotten a little more user friendly over the years, but if it gets intimidating with some of the options and settings, just don’t get discouraged and stick with the Simple interface. Also, I think the general rule of “Garbage in, Garbage out” really applies here. I often think when I’m visiting a place (and not shooting bugs!), “Wow what a cool scene/landscape, I’ll take a series for a pano!” And then I get back to the computer and things are misaligned, perspectives at slightly different angles, etc. A tripod or even a monopod would probably be the best way to go, but I almost never have one handy (even though I own one of each). Obviously they won’t always be convenient to carry along, but it would help and also probably maximize image area. Getting exposure and normal basic photo qualities consistent is helpful too, but the app usually does a good job of smoothing out exposure differences. Good luck, I’ll be interested to see what you come up with!

  3. Thanks a lot for the info. Like I said it’s be years since I’ve done one (not since before I got my Nikon about 4 years ago) so I’m kind of anxious to give it a try. I forget what software I used to use but it did a very good seamless stitching poorly aligned hand held photos. I’m not a cold weather photographer so it could be awhile before I give it a go and will share the results.

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