Slightly Crooked (Northampton, MA)

grey garage with two white bay doors in snow covered residential area

From the street, a garage with slightly slanted door frames. Northampton, Massachusetts.

Some things are straight, some things are crooked; some things are muddied, some things are clear. A new year dawns with old doors and some will open, some will remain closed. I’m looking forward, but it is winter, a time when bitter winds prevail. Still, on it goes; let’s see what happens.


2 thoughts on “Slightly Crooked (Northampton, MA)

  1. Hey Michael, before you know it, it’ll be Spring and flowers will be blooming providing lots of bugs for you to photograph. We’ve crossed the shortest day of the year, so we’re cool…(just don’t read the news)

    • It is nice to know the days are getting longer. Of course beyond (but before) Spring,there is always the dream of finding snow scorpionflies. And of course I could get out and shoot some non-bug snow scenes if I really get ambitious. :)

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