Lady in the White Coat (New York, NY)

cars and pedestrian traffic going away while couple faces with lady in white coat face out

A couple wait at a crosswalk at Times Square. New York, New York.

Crossways with the flow of traffic. An endless flow. Light blindness. Into the dark night, we come or go.

Something is in there, but I’ll leave that to speak for itself. What I will say is, I did “photoshop” (using GIMP) this one. Nothing crazy (e.g. adding the couple who were absent from the original, nothing like that), but I altered it enough that it goes beyond what I think of as typical post-processing. The je ne sais pas of the shot was changed, and that was the line I crossed. That’s a bit arbitrary, but I guess it makes all the more sense within the boundaries of one person’s blog. Happy Chinese New Year, everybody.


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