Glass and Clouds (Houston, TX)

curving top of mostly glass conservatory building under a cloudy sky
The Rainforest Conservatory building from the outside a the Cockrell Butterfly Center at the Houston Museum of Natural Science in Houston, Texas.

A while back I was very fortunate to visit this butterfly conservatory thanks to my very generous friends. The building itself was quite interesting, and I, of course, enjoyed the butterflies.

Precious Brewing (Middle Earth, PEZ)

lord of the rings pez dispensers among pez candy bricks, small bottles, and a cloth
Gollum, Aragorn, Gandalf, a small bottle of “PECTIN,” and (maybe?) Samwise sitting tight on a counter covered with spirit-making equipment and ingredients.

Gollum has no chill, but he did eventually have some hard cider that ended up being cyser, more or less. (When life gives you apples and honey, make cyser.) Well actually, the pez dispensers, Gollum or otherwise, didn’t have anything, but I eventually had something to drink. The apple trees in the yard were quite fruitful that year, our one and only foray into homebrewing, but have been decidedly in poor health with little fruit in the handful of years since.

Beacon, On a Mountaintop (Adams, MA)

people walking toward stone tower with beacon
War memorial and beacon on Mount Greylock. Adams, Massachusetts.

These photos show the war memorial atop Mount Greylock, the highest peak in Massachusetts. In another post, I offered a view from the observation room at the tower, if you’re interested in seeing what just a little higher than the highest peak in Mass looks like. (Spoiler: it’s not that high.)

Subsequent to the photos in this post, the tower has undergone renovations/repairs, and I haven’t been since they’ve reopened it to the public. The inside to my memory notably needed repair. I have a crummy phone pic somewhere with the scaffolding all up around it the outside of the building when it was closed. Hopefully, I’ll get up there soon and see the results for myself.

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Beach Runner (Pine Knoll Shores, NC)

sandpiper running over a sandy footprint-laden beach
Running through the dusky light. A sandpiper on a beach at Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina.

As I’ve probably mentioned multiple times before, my forays into bird photography are limited. I did catch this neat little sandpiper running through the waning light. I was going to hazard a guess as to a species (habit from my bug endeavors), but better to let it stand for itself. Or in this case, run.

Scenes from Building 6 (North Adams, MA)

An sculpture by Louise Bourgeois in Building 6 at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, North Adams, Massachusetts.

A few shots from MASS MoCA’s most newly renovated building. An impressive addition to an already impressive space for art!

MASS MoCA is one the United States largest contemporary art centers made up of the former Arnold Print Works (by way of the Sprague Electric Company in between) and located in the northwest corner of Massachusetts in northern Berkshire County.

(Two additional photos from Building 6 below.)

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Runway to the Hills (North Adams, MA)

sun set behind mountains in front of an airport run with biplanes lined up at left
The sun setting on Harriman and West Airport in North Adams, Massachusetts.

I was at the local airport for a film screening, projected on the side of one of the garages (or hangers, maybe?). It was a Robert Redford film where he was a pilot, can’t remember the name; it seemed okay, but I think we left early. I was not surprisingly more interested in taking photographs, although that was difficult to do. This image is a stitched photo that I managed to get walking across the runway to the screening.

Wishing a good weekend to all.